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Garage door installation Portman Doors

​"There's nothing you'll want more....

Than an Oldham Garage Door!"

Up & Over Doors

Windsor 1.jpg

These doors are the most common doors that are available.  They are made up of a 'One Piece' door skin and are fitted to either a 'Canopy' or 'Retractable' mechanism.

The Canopy door mechanism allows the door to travel in vertical tracks and is counterbalanced by an overhead torsion spring.  In the open position, the door projects approximately one third of the door height, forming a canopy.  These doors are very easy to operate manually, but are NOT ideally suited to electric operation.  This type of mechanism can be fitted to a minimum frame size of 55mm and allows for maximum drive through width.

The Retractable door mechanism allows the door to be retracted inside the garage when open by means of horizontal overhead tracks supported by means of ceiling or wall mounted suspension brackets.  This gear is available as an option on single width doors and is standard on double width doors.  These doors are IDEAL for electric operation.  This type of mechanism can be fitted to a minimum frame size of 70mm.  There are link arms which will narrow the drive through width slightly (please check if this could cause a problem).

Up & Over doors are available in Steel, GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) or Timber.

Steel doors are powder coated in white as standard and are available in 19 colours as an option.  Some styles are also available in Rosewood or Golden Oak Decograin finish.

GRP doors are available in Gloss White or a wide choice of popular wood effect finishes.

Sectional Doors

Sectional 3.jpg

These doors are made up of usually 4 or 5 sections which are joined together with hinges.  Each section has rollers which fit into tracks.  These tracks start at floor level, and run vertically up the garage opening then curve backwards and finally run horizontally, along the garage ceiling.  This system allows the door to open and close with no ‘swing out’, which allows a vehicle to be parked directly in front or behind the door and not obstruct  the doors movement.

Most doors (up to 4m wide) use side extension springs to assist operation and need only 100mm headroom (115mm for electric operation).

Doors that are over 4m wide normally use an overhead torsion spring system which needs 210mm headroom for either manual or electric operation.  There is a low headroom system available as an option which needs just 100mm headroom (115mm for electric operation).

These doors have all round weather-seals and have 42mm double skinned and insulated panels. 

They come as standard with no lock holes as they are ideal for electric operation, although a manual version with locking is available as an option.

There are various finish options for the exterior face; Woodgrain, Slategrain, Sandgrain, Silkgrain or Decograin.

Powder coated in White as standard, they are also available in a choice of 15 standard "RAL" colours or 5 Foilcoat "Decograin" finishes.  Alternately, if you have a different colour in mind, they can be finished in ANY RAL colour of your choice!

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